Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reviews for The Bloodhound Law

Left to right:  Brian Bradford, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom,
Alex Glossman, John Blick
"Kristine Thatcher has written an important play, and it has landed in the hands of exactly the right theatre company . . . . we should all attend."   Aaron Hunt, Newcity                    click here for full review 
 "Sharp and stirring, taut and true under Terry McCabe's direction . . . . The Bloodhound Law is an invaluable chronicle of a turbulent time."
Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema
click here for full review 

Left to right: David Fink, Alex Glossman, Brian Bradford

"An elegant, almost expressionistic collection of scenes that lets the drama of the events speak for itself."                       Christine Malcom, EDGE Media              click here for full review
"The Bloodhound Law needs to be seen . . . . Highly Recommended."               Tom Williams,               click here for full review 

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